Pentax K-1.

I’m a Minolta guy from WAAAAAAY back, and as a result of large lens investment and color-rendering snobbery (seriously, look at Minolta glass) I am now a Sony guy. It’s been a long time since I upgraded bodies, as my Alpha a900 is a reliable, indestructible, good-performing, 24MP beast with more years of hard use on it than any camera i have ever owned before and it JUST KEEPS GOING. Half the paint and most of the button markings are worn off, and the rear control dial sometimes is a little flaky, but the thing is like a good friend. I know all it’s quirks and all it’s capability and how to exploit and correct for them. It’s a damn fine piece of hardware and I’ve never once regretted buying it.

I’m no longer shooting for a living, and I find myself pulling out the SLR gear less and less often... The 900 will EVENTUALLY die, though I suspect it will be when the dial contacts finally wear out entirely and replacement parts are unavailable, as the rest of the damn thing might as well be built from a solid chunk of magnesium (it pretty much is)...

Enter the Pentax K-1.

A full-frame traditional DSLR with image stabilization and features designed to serve not gadget-geeks and videographers, but PHOTOGRAPHERS, it may be the true spiritual successor to the a900. The alternative to the CaNikon of your choice for the photographer who cares only about photographs, and mostly about landscapes and colors, and portraiture and shuns action photography. A camera thats about durability and precision, not do-dads and speed. I also quite like Pentax glass in general, and one of my favorite lenses is an adapted Auto-Takumar 35mm f:2.3...


It’s also signifficantly cheaper than an a7R-II (which would be my next most likely purchase)... BUT I have all this Minolta and Sony glass... BUT I would need an adapter to use my A-mount lenses on the E-mount a7(R-II)... but then again the E-mount offers full-frame lens choice flexibility like nothing else... I have Contax and Leica glass that I could use on an a7 with the right adapters... but; electronic viewfinder! crappy battery life! questionable ergonomics! (did I mention the price?)