Photography best of 2017

My personal favorite photographs I took over the last year. I recently learned there is a photography sub-blog on here but as I’m not yet added to it I suppose I’ll be spamming you all. I promise there are a few cars in here though...

It was a pretty good year for me in terms of gaining skills. After getting back into film photography in 2016 I officially got my first “real” digital last year- a Sony a6000 with an adapter for my Pentax K mount lenses. This along with my film camera accompanied me on my honeymoon in April to the west coast of Ireland. It’s hard to take a bad photo over there! I also attended Climb to the Clouds on Mt. Washington and did a lot of street shooting around my town of Saratoga Springs, NY. This was also the first year I started printing, matting, framing, and indeed even selling some of my prints. Towards the end of the year I got some remotes for my flashes and started learning how to work with studio lighting - I’d previously only worked with natural light. I’m still pretty excited about using some of the things I’ve recently learned over this new year!

FILM -mostly Kodak Tri-X pushed to 1600 and developed in coffee and vitamin C. All shots taken on a Pentax K1000 or K2 except for the last 3

My wife playing pool... one of my first shots of 2017
Ice Fishing on Cossayuna Lake, NY. I’ve heard there is ice racing here in the winter, I really need to check that out
Half frozen Lake George in spring. 30 second exposure with a red filter
My Wife using my a6000 at Corcomroe Abbey, Co. Clare Ireland
Alleyway in Ennis, Co. Clare Ireland
Thunderstorm over Saratoga Springs, NY
Alleyway in Saratoga Springs, NY
I love photographing bricks. Saratoga Springs, NY
Alleyway next to 9 Maple Ave jazz club, Saratoga Springs NY
The Sunbeam Rapier of Steven Silverstein at the top of Mt. Washington
The lovely Datsun 510 of Dave Patten crosses the line at the Mt. Washington hillclimb
If you see a curved mirror you have to take a selfie in it. It’s photography law I’ve been told
More Saratoga Springs street photography
The “JB-Rocket” cycle car at the Henry Ford in Michigan. First time in the state (it’s where my wife grew up) but hey they like cars here!
‘32 Ford Roadster at the Henry Ford, MI
Stairs down to Saratoga Lake. Taken with a Yashica Mat 124 medium format TLR
Conor Pass, Co. Kerry Ireland. Taken on Kodak Ektar 100 with a Pentax PC35AF
Sunset surf session on Lahinch Beach, Co. Clare Ireland

DIGITAL - All taken on a Sony a6000 with a focal reducing Pentax K mount adapter

Dunquin Harbor, Co. Kerry Ireland. 30 second exposure
Conor Pass, Co. Kerry Ireland. Notice anything? Car is on the wrong side of the road here...
Slea Head Drive in Dingle Co. Kerry, Ireland
Coumeenoole Beach, Co. Kerry Ireland. 8 second exposure?
The Gallarus Oratory, Co. Kerry Ireland (not far from where some of The Last Jedi was filmed). 2 minute exposure w/ red filter
Experimenting with light painting. “Cinco” looks like Cino but we only had one sparkler. Used a flash to freeze my wife in place
I was super excited to get to photograph a reunion show of Crooked Still, one of my favorite bands. They asked me to do a portrait too!
Abandoned building in Schuylerville, NY. 30 second exposure on a foggy night... I want to do a lot more of this in 2018
Was going to shoot a Christmas card for a friend but they dropped out. Wanted to test my new remote flashes in the snow so selfie time?
Last big photo of 2017 - tried out my flash rig on some dry ice in a studio setting to see what happened. Super fun and took 5 minutes to do!

So that’s it for last year... hoping to keep the momentum going and get even deeper into the photography rabbit hole in 2018. My wife and are in the process of buying our first house, and I’ll have a whole room for a studio and darkroom. Hoping to shoot lots of cars and abandoned scenes in the coming year while continuing to develop studio skills.

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