When I started getting into photography back in highschool I bought a Canon 40D. I used almost all my summer job money to buy it. It was almost brand new (6 months old used off eBay). Well that worked great till about 3 years ago when I got in a tough situation and hocked it. In the meantime I used my s/o’s camera till that ended and for the last year I have only been using film (which I love, but it’s harder to get out there with film) and borrowing my friend’s camera. Well today I ordered a used and almost still new in the box 60D off eBay. I know it isn’t the most advanced camera and such, but it is slightly better than a T3i, and I got a deal so I am happy. As much as I would love a 5DS R, that is just silly money. Anyway, just so stoked about getting back to having my own camera and starting to build up my gear again.

photo: Gizmodo

Nice little review on the 60D