Photoshop And Politics Collide?

Shame I have to bury (potentially political) humor under a harmless photo, but in case it “triggers,” I gave it a shot.

So, There Is Talk About Arming Teachers In Schools?

Not taking sides, I’m just curious if the teachers will need to qualify in order to keep teaching. I’m curious if they’ll be given time off to go to the range to keep sharp. I’m curious who would pay for all this range time, equipment, and permits.


So many questions.

While thinking of that, I also thought about the personalities of some of my old HS teachers and shuttered at the thought of some of them having to perform any of this required for such a solution.

Then these images popped into my head and it all seemed all the more silly.

“School Of Glock”
“Saved By The Shell”
“Mr Handgun”
“Over My Dead Poets Society”

I made them because I think it’s silly to ask teachers to split their time between the range, grading papers, and lesson plans. If more guns end up in schools to protect the childrens, I hope they are in the hands of qualified hands, not Mrs Ferguson, my 4th grade teacher who often wore two different shoes to school.

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