Since I cannot into Photoshop, I need some help with an artistic* lead image (unlike the one above) for an upcoming Aviation History post.

September 18 is the anniversary of the US Air Force becoming an independent branch of the US Military. I’d like to have some sort of montage of US Army Air Corps, US Army Air Forces, and US Air Force aircraft, fighters or bombers, maybe four or five total. Ideally, it would include something from different eras, perhaps a Curtiss Jenny, a P-40 or maybe a P-51 or some other WWII fighter or bomber, one of the Century Series fighters, or a B-52, and something current, like an F-16, F-15, or B-1. The image needs to be at an aspect ratio of 1.7:1, and sized down to 1000 x 588 pixels. Ideally, I would need to know the source of the photos you use, but it’s not critical. If they are USAF photos, then it doesn’t matter at all. But I can’t use images from or any other pro photographer, and would prefer historical images in context over modern shots of old planes.

All I can offer in return is a credit in the post, and the love, admiration and respect of all Planelops out there in Oppoland. I’ll need this by the morning of 9/18 at the latest. You can reach me at my name @ gmail, or drop them here.


*So far, your interpretation of “artistic” has been interesting.