I’m finally organizing my mini rebuild, planning the money for real and this summer it should be driving. I get to pick the color. I am really jonesing the French Racing Blue lately but I’d like to see some options. It will have a dark grille and a pair of yellow fog lamps. Overall, I want one solid color like this so I picked this picture as an easy-peasy candidate. I’m also intrigued by the pair of narrow stripes up the front and over the top, not the wide ones we all see on the new stuff. So, a nice deep FRB color (it’s honestly hard to tell what FRB really is in a pic) and a pair of yellow fogsplease. Otherwise, this is about as close as I can get to what the thing will have for wheels and flares.

So, FRB, BRG, McLaren orange, volvo T5R yellow maybe? Aaaaand maybe what you like? Post some samples!