Picard disapproves of my engine build


The new clutch kit fits!! Hooray! Supposedly the car will be done Monday. Which probably means a huge disaster will happen sometime tomorrow.


Welp. Apparently the kind sales rep at TH Motorsports was not as expert in ways of weird Subaru MY/Engine combos as I thought he was and I bought the wrong clutch for the combination of the 06 STI flywheel and 05 LGT transmission. However, Dewey at TH IS a Subaru expert, and he set me straight this evening after my mechanic called and told me my clutch wouldn’t fit. No swearing was involved, thankfully. Dewey, you rock, and I hope you read this.

So.... now I have myself a new Competition Stage 2 kit coming with a new clutch and flywheel. Another 2 day delay, and some extra $. Hooray.

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