Bump for the afternoon crowd since I rarely post to oppo. 130K KM, like new interior (on a 14 year old car!), the exterior has quite a bit of slight cosmetic damage like dings, indentation scratches, bumper gap, and one missing door handle (actually, it's just half the handle, you can still open it easily enough). Comes with two sets of rims (those pictured, plus these in this photo). It seems entirely stock, so a SOHC D13 motor (75hp? It seems like more) but it handles ridiculously well and has pretty much no lag time between pedal and go. I got it up to around 120KM/hr in just a few seconds. It has just been given its two year inspection (shakken) and prefectural taxes. I'm paying 100,000 yen for it, approximately $975.

I'd like some thoughts on what I can do with it, and maybe suggestions for how to clean up the exterior.