Yesterday, I went down the 29th Avenue Bikeway all the way to its Western terminus at Pacific Spirit Regional Park (as in, no longer even in City of Vancouver), because the built-in-1912 campus of St. George’s School is in the area.

It ended up being the furthest walk I have ever done, with Google Maps saying ~11km one way, while my phone’s LG Health reporting ~32000 steps / ~1161cal / ~24km covered on that day.

First up, a 4th-gen Chevrolet Caprice Wagon:

Next, a W204 C 63 AMG Coupe in front the park:

Then, yet another Long Beach Blue BMW F87 M2 Coupe:


An E120 Toyota Corolla.... Before you doze off, though, I want to explain that I took this picture just to capture this property foregoing lawns, and instead clipping the hedges to match the slope of the house’s roof:

These houses are right on top of Arbutus Ridge, hence the quite extreme slopes and many properties designed to take in the views

Was heck of a climb, too!


Finally, a couple of pictures of the historical building that I came all this way to see: