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Pics of what I actually bought yesterday


Five volumes of “The Writings of Thomas Jefferson”. These were printed in 1861. That’s 158 years ago! I also picked up “How To Do Things”. A collection of helpful tips from the Farm Journal. This book was printed in 1919. I got the whole haul for an amazingly low price of $30. The Thomas Jefferson books were $5 a piece at the antique store and the lady gave me the one with the damaged spine for free. She didn’t know what she had and didn’t care what they were (quote “they may be worth a $1000 I don’t care) as she liked them purely for aesthetics and decoration. I didn’t mind taking them with me to a good home 😃

Edit: I didn’t realize what a piece of history the “How To Do Things” is. It has a complete listing of all the households in Wayne county Ohio along with occupation and property maps of the townships. As if that wasn't cool enough it has advertisements from local businesses in that area. 

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