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Picture Me Rollin'

I finally got my first proper drive in the 1502 last night. I left work early to pick up the plate and registration. Then I quickly had to strap the stock exhaust back on. The new one I bought needs the hangers cut and moved before I can install it:( I guess it’s time to buy that welder that I have been wanting.

Temporary License Plate Solution

First of all, it is amazing! The previous owner has the suspension dialed in perfectly. It also sounds awesome. I got some better quality video and more importantly audio with the GoPro, which I will go through and post.

The car is incredibly light, it nearly comes off the ground over small bumps in the road. Slightly wet asphalt lets the back end step right out, but the lack of power steering makes that feel incredibly controlled. The rubber that’s on there isn’t great, I will switch out to some nice 13" tires in the spring. Although I don’t think there are many options at that size.

I got up over 100 on the speedo so aprox. 70mph and the car was incredibly well composed. I expected some rattling shakiness from an old car like that, but there was none. I’d go as far to say that it feels more stable going fast than it does just putting around.

I had to stop in the parking lot of the local country club to fix the wiring for the driver side tail light, which is where I snapped these pics. I noticed that the turn signal light lit up when I signaled right, but not left. The copper contacts are “tired” so I just had to remove the bulbs, bend the contacts in a bit and re install the bulbs. Cool to know that all of that stuff works (the blinker indicator I mean) Go ahead and tell yourself your favorite BMW turn signal joke.


Honestly I will probably end up re wiring the whole car. I have to do something about the headlights, they are terrible! I want them to be bright but look original, so I will have to see what I can figure out there. I also need to clean and clay the windshield. It was nearly impossible to see with an oncoming car. The Bimmer is so low that it looks like everyone has their high beams on.

Finally I told my wife that I would pick up dinner after my drive. I should have snapped a picture when walking back to my car from the restaurant. It is hilariously small when compared to any modern car.


It’s a really special feeling to drive it. I’m in awe just seeing it in the driveway. My wife is probably sick of hearing me repeat “I can’t fuckin believe I was looking at pictures of this car in the Netherlands a few months ago!”

Happy Thursday!

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