Pictures of the little monster I'll attempt to sell straight from Japan!

1987 Suzuki Alto Works RS-X! You should read quite a bit more about it in the next upcomming days/weeks. I got to buy it for a good price and intend to flip it, by selling it directly to someone else in this world. I’m aiming at keeping the price real low, most likely between 4500 and 5000$, shipping to anywhere in Europe or America included. Try to beat that! :)

Now is time for a good overhaul, as the car has been sitting for a little while, then the first test drive in my local touge will be due! Excited to drive one of the only keicar that is actually good haha. Now it needs a new fuel pump, a new brake master cylinder and new tires. Once this is done, it will be time to test it out. It currently only has 90000km on the clock!


Only defects on the car are a fairly old exhaust line and a paint that is quite faded mostly on the roof and trunk (edit: oups, I meant to say bonnet). Other than that, the chassis is completely rust free and so is the body! We’ll see how the sale of that little thing goes, I’ll make sure to keep you updated on it :)

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