Picture time

Picked up a Hipster Special 1971 CB175 today. Was looking for a cheap little bike to bomb around the neighborhood on. This guy popped up priced very cheap. The PO was not a petrol head and bought the bike to give away for a work raffle. His FIL told him his employees would end up killing themselves on it. It was being used as an office piece for the last year. All the accessories are brand new and it has a fresh set of gaskets. The frame is completely painted and everything is extremely clean.


The builder added an electric start and removed the kickstart lever (boo). The bike runs off a capacitor but has a small battery for the starter. The carbs need to be tuned a bit, but she seems to run well. Ym 450 makes more than twice the power, so I’m thinking I may be confusing bogging for just being slower. Despite the lack of power, the bike is very fun to ride. You can really whip it around, and it makes the same great noises as a more powerful bike.

Pretty uncomfortable to ride right now and needs some kinks ironed out. I’ll probably swap that seat out soon, and set up the foot controls so an adult can ride her. If I can set her up to be a nice little stress reducer I’ll hang on to her If not, she’s still nice to look at and I can dump her fairly easily and make some money if need be. My girls were much more psyched about this bike than my CL450 which was nice. They both wanted to ride it.

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