Campus I attend is registered as a “satellite” campus and not as a “guest” campus. Meaning your VA certification goes through the main campus which is located in a meth-epidemic recovering shell of a city that remains after the Saturn plant was shut down long ago.

This campus denotation creates an almost $700 delta in housing allowance. I attend a campus in a well-to-do location because I live in that well-to-do campus locations county. I do this instead of going to one of the full-bore state schools due to proximity to work and home.

Also pictured my reaction to this news: (credit: Ramblin)


Not pictured: dramatic weightloss that RSaldana endures so that his family’s needs are met.

Wife says it will take too long and detract from my full time job if I were to start applying for fast food/coffee shop jobs. Guess I will be rolling the dice on whether or not I will get killed working some jobs from

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