It’s not your eyes, the picture is patchy-blurry. My phone has been deemed defective and a replacement is on the way under warranty.

The bulk of the mechanical installation of the engine is done. At this point, it’s little odds and ends (such as my air cleaner base hitting the throttle linkage) and the fuel pump (which is still somewhere in the mail I guess).

Tomorrow I should wrap up everything I currently am able to get done on it (for example, I can’t install the fuel pump I don’t have) which will then lead into doing the remaining bodywork on the fenders when I have time. While the metal repair is done, they still need sanded, smoothed out, and primed. After the fenders (and fender extensions) are a lovely shade of grey the sheetmetal will go back on the front end, and the rest of the reassembly will happen.


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