Picked up a cheap code for Dirt Rally on XBone. Jumped right in and did a 12:13 at Pikes Peak in one of the old Audis (blistering, I know)...even with way too much FFB, poor wheel settings, and not having driven any rally sims before, I think this game is really good. Did a quick Monte Carlo rally as well (I’ll have to brush up on my rally jargon, no clue what the co-pilot is talking about) and I was pretty impressed at how much more the game leans toward sim than arcade. I’m also wishing I had found a cheap code for the PC version.....triple-screen would be really nice for the hairpins!

This really makes me wish Forza Horizon had similar dynamics. My dreams of a Targa Florio or Mille Miglia game will only intensify.

I’d be willing to shell out serious bucks for some kind of Carrera Panamericana DLC for one of these games.

Time to fire up Assetto Corsa....