Pikes Peak stories collected from a variety of sources.

There is a lot of amazing coverage on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb as we near the event this weekend. Some of the best of these are:

Jeff Zwart feature on his history and experiences up the mountain at Racer.com.

MaxRally's promotion of Loeb's glove giveaway and Loeb's descriptions on driving up Pikes Peak.

A rather respectful writeup on the primary competition that Loeb faces (from the Red Bull point of view) from redbull.com.


And because any summary of the recent stories on Pikes Peak would be incomplete without the awesome write up that The Chicago Tribune recently published, I'm including a link to their Race to the Clouds heats up again.

I'd also recommend following the official Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event page over on Facebook if you have an account.

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