Pilot 105k Service Done

In addition to the big Gray truck the family also has a 2013 Honda Pilot Touring. The 105k service indicated about two weeks ago but I was going to wait until after our week long camping trip to do it. That trip got cancelled but life got in the way. The pilot has a helpful maintenance minder for what services needed to be done . It also counts the miles since this service should have happened. It went to 361. Oops.

The 105k service is A124 in the minders world which correlates to oil change (but not filter), rotate tires and inspect, change engine air filter, change cabin air filter, replace timing belt, check water pump, change spark plugs, inspect valve clearance and inspect drive belt.


When we bought the vehicle with 99765 miles on it the dealer had replaced the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, inspected valve clearance, replaced drive belt and flushed the coolant system. This left and oil change, tire rotation, caving and engine air filters to do.

Last time I used supertech 0w-20 synthetic but this time I went for the high mileage equivalent. It didn’t seem to lose any oil which is nice (these cars have cylinder deactivation which can cause oil burning at higher mileages as well as being super annoying to NVH). Got a Mahle air filter which fit perfect and a denso cabin air filter. Rotated all the tires. Took about 1.5 hours.

Unfortunately I found that the passenger side rear control arm bushing has leaked it’s oil out and the driver’s side away bar link has a split boot. Neither is bad to replace but she will need at least an alignment check if not an alignment. Also the 4/3 year old tires that are on it have cracks between all of the treads and right around the rim. And the outside tread has lost some of its siping even though they still have about 6/32 left in them. Good thing the touring came with 18 inch wheels instead of the 17s.

Looking at the Goodyear weatherreadys but Michelin makes their crossclimates in that size too which week to be well regarded but expensive.


On a side note we can’t find the paper work that says what all the dealer had done and I couldn’t remember if they replaced the spark plugs. My wife called them on a weekend and appaythey dealer keeps them locked in a filing cabinet that sales didn’t have access to (what year is it?). She called the during the week and they said that they could mail us their copy or we could come pick them up (they are an hour away). She said mail is fine. They called back later and said that they couldn’t mail them because they are confidential due to date and dollar amounts. She asked if they could tell her what had been done. They did. She asked when it had been done. They told her. She asked how much it was. They told her. I just don’t understand. They can tell us over the phone but can’t mail the too us because that’s “insecure” but we can go pick up paper copies.

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