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Pilot Assist 2 is Legit: Upgrade your XC90 if you haven't

Pilot Assist II Is here!

Don’t listen to Ballaban, PA2 is legit. The 2016 XC90s got the upgrade recently and now you can let the car drive itself at highway speed.



I don’t understand what Ballaban is going on about. Of course you need to keep a hand on the steering wheel, if the system loses track of the road (and lets be real a lot of roads have terribly painted lines) then it can’t drive itself and that means you have to. You don’t have to be at full attention, just keep a few fingers on the wheel (enough to get some resistance) and it’ll stay active. Then you can shoot a text if you must.


But I think we need to talk more about the ideology of self driving cars for a minute. Ballaban seems hell bent that if the car has self driving technology it must drive itself entirely without user input. But I’d argue that the system recognizing user input is extremely valuable in making sure that an accident doesn’t occur. You still get there without much effort, and all you really have to do is keep one hand on the wheel. 

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