Pilot Oppos, Can I Ask You A Question?

I’ve been having a sort of silent existential crisis. Starman and I have had a very long conversation about dreams, goals, careers, and where we’d like to be later in life. At the end of it, I had a realization: I’m going through the motions of moving up in my career without really thinking about if it’s even something I want to do.

I’m currently an IT Analyst. I guess it pays well, and I’m reasonably happy with my work. However, I don’t want to be here forever. I want to move further and further.


Well, my options don’t sound that fun. I could:

A) Become a programmer.

B) Take a supervisory IT role.

I hate hate hate hate programming, and so far no amount of cheerleading and learning is changing that. There’s nothing I find enjoyable about it.

And while I do often see myself as a leader (and many seem to agree), to enter the supervisory side of tech, I will need a degree. So then I have to ask myself the question: “Do I want to be a supervisor so much that I’d be willing to get an IT oriented business degree?”

And the answer is...If I had to choose between running an IT department and just completely leaving tech behind to do something else, I’d rather be a pilot.


Don’t get me wrong, I love IT. There’s little I love more than taking a crushed phone and making it better than new. The gratification and euphoria of solving difficult computer and application problems is awesome.

See, that’s the thing. If I could get a career rebuilding/customizing/troubleshooting phones and computers for like $25-$30 hour, I’d do it. That’s the tech I love so much...it’s basically like IT LEGO...But I’ve yet to find any position like such that would pay that much.


That leaves me seriously questioning if I should really stay in IT, or if I should pursue another passion and just keep IT as a hobby.

Before getting into an IT career, I was seriously considering becoming a pilot. I decided not to because my family looked down at such a career path. They wanted a doctor or lawyer. And as my interest in aviation continues to grow, it has actually overtaken IT as the passion that makes me the happiest.


One of my coworkers decided to chase his dream to be someone important at Disney. He quit his job here, got a “ground floor” job at Disney in a different industry (food service), and he’s going to work his way up.

And that got me even further thinking. If that kid could change his career at 25, why can’t I? If my career path seems dismal to me, maybe I don’t have to stick with it?


So this is an extremely long way of asking this question, but how do I become a commercial pilot? I understand seniority means everything. I understand that I’ll be starting out life as a flight instructor, then grinding my way through regional carriers, and so on...that all seems like a challenge I could handle.

But...how do I do it? How do I get from my cushy desk job to being in the skies? How do I maintain a full time job while I’m learning?


And I guess the biggest question, should I do it? I know that I want to do it and I’d probably be much happier in aviation, but am I crazy for wanting to change my career and get into this one?

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