Pinewood Derby car done!

142 grams, or just one gram short of the max (before it would round up to 5.1oz, which is over the 5.0 limit).

It’s vintage Lone Ranger themed (wife and son dreamed it up, I painted and added the garish shiny flame and stripe decals). I would love to see this livery on a real LeMans car.

Bonus: one wheel is slightly raised, which is actually legal in our pack. Unintentional happy mistake to reduce rolling resistance. And allegedly a flat black nose helps gain a tiny bit with the electronic eye at the finish, but that’s just superstition...


Race isn’t until next Saturday, but we’re all done! I’ll probably toss some clearcoat on there for an extra gram or two. Then on race day, if we’re too heavy on their scales, we can just drill tiny holes in the tail until we get there.

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