Round 3

Phew!! I thought finding the nicest Alfa Romeo was hard, but Aston is even tougher for me. I simply like them all (well, other than 80's Lagonda). Every single modern Aston Martin is simply gorgeous, and their older models from the 50's and 60's are to die for. DB4, DB5, Zagato models, Vantage, One-77.... easiest answer would be “one of each please”.

I really wanted to nominate the DB4GT Zagato from the early 60's. I like the DB4 more than the earlier DB models, and I like it more than the later models too. But, while thinking about it, I realized that I prefer modern Aston Martins, like the DBS V12. Regular DB9 models are nice but the DBS is spectacular. It might not be the fastest or most modern GT car on the market, but it is the prettiest. Also, that V12 engine howl is glorious.


I prefer the coupe, but the Volante droptop is drop dead gorgeous too