Every day, I’ll pick a brand and choose one car I think represents the pinnacle of their design - not just the looks, but technology, engine, and desirability as well. The car had to be sold new in the USA.

Round 4

Instead of getting easier, this tasks becomes harder and harder with every manufacturer that comes up. Audi was supposed to be easy - RS6 Avant, but as awesome as it is, it has no manual, and it was never sold in states which break my rule for this game.

Then, I figure, RS4, but we only had the sedan in states, and I think that the wagon was far superior.

Auto Union Type D doesn’t count - it was not called an Audi.

RS2 was never sold here.

Many will disagree, but I don’t like the 80's models at all, so I didn’t consider any Quattro at all.


That left me in a conundrum. Should I pick the TT - the original one took the world by surprise with its design? Nah, just a tarted up Golf. The S8? The are pretty amazing looking cars, super clean design, low, long and wide. I like them, but my Audi crush is a 2004 Audi S4 Avant, with a manual transmission, in Nogaro Blue or Monza Yellow.

340hp, 4.2L V8 engine, Manual, AWD wagon. Better than porn. Unfortunately, the engine issues past 100k miles make this something I would never own used - I’ll let Doug explain it here