Every day, I’ll pick a brand and choose one car I think represents the pinnacle of their design - not just the looks, but technology, engine, and desirability as well. The car had to be sold new in the USA.

Round 6

If I had a huge garage of all the cars I’d love to own, BMW section might be the largest. You name it, I probably want it - 507, E24 M6, E31 8 Series, M1, all generations of the M3 (E30 and E46 in particular), 2002 Turbo, 1 Series M, M235i, 3.0 CSL, pre-bangle 7 series, E39 M5, clownshoe Z3M.

Thinking about this post, I was sure I’d pick a E39 M5. I have a soft spot for a 2001-2003 in dark gray on parallels. But, staring at all the photos, I came to a conclusion that something older, with thin roof pillars and an amazing greenhouse was simply a better choice. The ones I like have the chin spoiler and a little roof spoiler. I present you the BMW 3.0 CSL