Every day, I’ll pick a brand and choose one car I think represents the pinnacle of their design - not just the looks, but technology, engine, and desirability as well. The car had to be sold new in the USA.

Round 7

I always had a secret love affair with Buick. I moved to states in 1999, and the first car I wanted to buy was a 90's Buick Riviera. I just loved the look. Alas, the dealership wouldn’t finance me. I still love Buicks. I like the Enclave more than the other two GM twins. Regal GS looks great and performs well. But, to find my favorite Buick, we have to go back a few years.

I was this close to picking a 1970 GNX. I love the looks, the huge engine, crazy yellow and black color scheme, but it is too sporty, and Buick to me always screamed luxury. That is why we are going back to 1959 and the 1959 Buick Electra 225 4-door 6-window Riviera hardtop. Big engine. Power windows and steering, power brakes, power seats, automatic transmission...just what a Buick was meant to be.