Every day When I have the time, I’ll pick a brand and choose one car I think represents the pinnacle of their design - not just the looks, but technology, engine, and desirability as well. The car had to be sold new in the USA.

Cadillac , Buick, BMW , Bentley, Audi , Aston Martin , Alfa Romeo

Round 9

Boy oh boy, how does one answer this question? Chevy has made a lot of cars that scream America. 1956 Bel Air. 1957 Corvette. 1955 Chevy truck. It seems Chevy had it’s pinnacle of design in 1950's for sure.


Then, in the 670's and 70's, they gave us the Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, El Camino,

Then again, Chevy did have some great designs in the last 30 years as well. GMT400, GMT800, GMT900 series of pickups and SUVs, C4/C5/C6 Corvette, especially the Z06 in the C6 generation in Electric Blue

So, what was the best Chevy ever? I am very tempted to pick the Z06, or a ZR1, but I don’t think Chevy when I think Corvette, I simply think Corvette.


I was tempted to pick a 454 SS, as an honest old-fashioned pick up with a huge engine, but I still could not.


I was very temped to pick a GMT800 Suburban Z71, as a longest lasting nameplate in the world of USA vehicles.

In the end, I just had to go with a Camaro. Speciafially, a 1969 1st gen, COPO model with a 427cc ZL1 engine. When I think Chevy, this is what I am thinking about.


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