The day I bought my car I was ecstatic with the prospect of a perfect sports car, but I had only one worry and seeing how the F1 season was going, it was a warranted worry.

The car came with a set of Pirelli P-Zeros, and from my childhood I can remember the sexy ads with a woman's back resembling a road with the tagline, "Power is nothing without control." And I always thought of the P-Zero as this exotic tire that was more powerful than any brand offered on a sedan. Michelin? That was the big fat marshmallow looking brand. Little did I know in my youth.


The first time I got on track with these P-Zero's I was skeptical. I had recently traded in an older Boxster S with Michelin PSS' that I absolutely loved, tons of grip, reliable, quiet, and most of all, predictable. By that I mean, when I'm mid corner and getting on the gas I know how the tire will act and I know how to get the most out of it. Not so with the P-Zero.

The P-Zero on track is like a wild man who's your best friend. You always think you know him until he snaps, and that is the case with these tires. Now, I can't speak to the higher end P-Zero's, the basically slick Trofeo's that come on the Z28, but these are nothing special. Going into a banked left-hander at Lime Rock Park, turn 3 to be exact, turn in, little throttle at the apex then snap! Car rotates, off throttle, correct, back on throttle. Even my previous Bridgestone's were better, more predictable.

The point being, you see those cracks between the still plenty of tread left? These tires have 15000 miles and only two years on them and the entire tire, all of them, all the way around are completely cracked, dry rotted to hell. And because of these Italian coffee table coasters, I cannot attend my track day. Oh well. I wanted some new Michelin's anyway. Still sucks I won't be attending my track day because of this.


Boo Pirelli. Boo.

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