Every day I am out walking my dog in the morning before I drive my daughter to school this red Jeep Liberty flies down our street. It's a high school aged female driver, usually with similarly aged passenger. Small neighborhood street that connects around to make a square block, I'm pretty sure she's picking up a friend who lives on the other side of the block.

I usually just give her a dirty look because she's driving way too fast for such a small street, but yesterday morning she crossed a line. I hear 'phwap phwap phwap vrrrrrrrrrr' and look up and sure enough, here she comes zooming along, but this time with her front right tire COMPLETELY FLAT.

Being the nice guy I am, I try to flag her down. I step into the street waving, making the universal "STOP" symbol with my hand, getting closer to her side of the road (street is too small for yellow lines or anything). She definitely sees me. She does not slow down, veers away from me, tears off around the next corner (leaning very precariously, since it was a left turn and her front right tire is flat...) and zooms away.

I guess I frightened her? I was going to offer air, or even help her change to spare. I have floor jacks, air lines, impact guns all at the ready and could have had her away on her spare tire in 5 minutes or so, or even just put air in her flat in much less. I might have mentioned her general speeding, but it wasn't high on my list.


Well, I've had it. I'm getting her plate number next time I see her and going to stop by the police department to have a chat with the detective. He can contact her parents or something, I'm sure she's a minor. I am generally a nice guy, but goddamn it I AM PISSED OFF now.


tl;dr - girl who always speeds down my street had a flat, didn't stop when I tried to flag her down.