Please see the results from the poll below. Based on the results, the weekend of May31st/June 1st is best, somewhere south of the city, and in the late morning/early afternoon. I'll send out another survey this week, to decide which day, an actual location (**Suggestions Welcomed**) and exact time.


Weekend that works best (the percentages went haywire when i updated it):

  1. May 31st/June 1st- 72.73% (8 preferred)
  2. May 17th/18th- 54.55% (6 preferred)
  3. June 14th/15th- 27.27% (3 preferred)


  1. South (Mt. Lebo, Bethel Park, etc)- 45.45%
  2. Downtown Pittsburgh (Golden Triangle, Oakland, Southside, etc)- 27.27%
  3. East (Murrysville, Monroeville, etc) 9.09%

Time of day:

  1. Late Morning/Early Afternoon- 45.45%
  2. Morning- 27.27% (T)
  3. Evening- 27.27% (T)