Riccardo to Renault kicks off the silly season for F1. Who do you have going where? As it stands, I’m thinking the following lineups for 2019

Big 3:
Merc - already done
Ferrari - Vettel and Leclerc
Red Bull - Max and either Sainz (unlikely) or Gasly (if he gets some more points)

Renault - Already done
Haas - Kmag and Perez (unlikely?) or Grosjean (safe bet but we’ll see)
Force India - Stroll and Ocon

Mclaren - Vandoorne and Norris
Toro Rosso - Sainz or Gasly and a japanese driver TBD
Sauber - Kimi (unlikely) or Giovinazzi (likely?) or Grosjean (...stranger things have happened) and Ericsson
Williams - Sirotkin and Russell

But that’s just me. What do you lot have?