I'm not comfortable with the amount of STUFF in my wife's new Highlander. I'm just not. It's too complicated. Too stuffed. Too complex. Especially for an environment where we might spend an hour or so at most in a day. I know content is what differentiates one cookie cutter automotive appliance from another, but I tend to prefer cars that exude their personality through the way they drive.

So what are the options for a back to basics, driver focused, no mucking around kind of car? I think if my old Saabaru. It was a 2005 WRX. Didn't even have steering wheel controls for the stereo. And my Fit. Perfect example. Great little car. Utterly unpretentious.

Does such a thing exist in the "grown-up" segment though? A sports sedan or something an almost 40-year old guy could drive? Honestly, I think an e28 or e34 5-series would be perfect.