Roughly an hour ago, Interjet posted a message on twitter indicating that First Officer Ximena Garcia and another pilot identified during the day long investigation were barred from flying until a series of test (probably psychiatric examinations) were performed. She also posted this apology video:


It is worth noting that Federal authorities are still, not intervening with their own investigation.


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Interjet is yet again embroiled in controversy after one of their employees, First Officer Ximena Garcia posted, jokingly I presume*, a terroristic threat on facebook. Her post read:

“A bomb should fall on the Zocalo [Main Square of Mexico City], it would do all of us a favor #vivaMexico

P.S. if you don’t like my comments delete me, believe me, I don’t give $2

Warm regards”

By context, the post was a death threat to those who were in the Main Square during the Independence day ceremonies; where hundreds of thousands of supporters of President Lopez Obrador cheered on as he presented his first independence day ceremony, commonly known as “el grito.” The Zocalo is flanked by a collection of important buildings, including the seat of the Executive Power; the National Palace, which was crammed with diplomats and high level officials on the 15th of September.


This, naturally, enraged multitudes of people. Some considered questioning her mental health, and whether she should be allowed to command an airliner with a MTOW of 80 tons.

The post was screenshoted, together with basic account information about her, and was circulated around twitter, enraging some, and placing interjet in an uncomfortable situation. Some even sent a screenshot of the post to the Twitter accounts of the FBI and DHS questioning whether someone publishing that kind of content should be allowed to fly internationally,as interjet does.

First Officer Garcia is certified to fly the A320neo, the most common type of aircraft interjet operates.


Interjet began an internal investigation, but the public clearly wants F.O. Garcia fired. Even a Federal Senator denounced her and requested that interjet fire her.

It is unclear whether Mexico’s General Directorate for Civil Aviation or the Secretariat of Transportation and Communications will open an investigation.


*: I do not intend to defend her comments, this is merely to point out that the post did not seem to be an actual attempt to carry out a Designated-Survivor type of attack.

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