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Planing a Big Trip!

So back in April I visited my Cousin down in Iowa, and he told me about a route that runs basically from his back yard to mine call the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail. A 600 mile route of fire roads, back roads, and anything but a main highway. To give you an idea othis is normally a 260 mile trip.

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The roads themselves aren’t that challenging, after all they are roads, probably. Reading on a Jeep forum one member asked if he would need a support vehicle or if one Jeep could do it alone. And another member said “honestly you could do it in a Subaru”. Well we won’t have a Subaru. We will have my Galant VR-4 and my cousin’s modified CRV. We shouldn’t have any problems.

His car is a bit more offroad capable than mine.
His car is a bit more offroad capable than mine.

I’m looking forward to getting my car all geared up, with a roof rack basket loaded with a full size spare, gas tank, a shovel, an axe, and camping gear. I think our cars should be perfect, if they were any more capable it would be boring. Plus this is less about conquering a trail and more like automotive geared camping.

My brother in law, my 8 year old son, and myself will drive down to Iowa in a day, meet my cousin and his buddy and head back up north on the trail. It’s gonna be a 3 day trip, back up. Camping two nights, and taking out time. We’re currently thinking late April. It’s gonna be a blast. We’re basically doing a Gambler 500, without the crowd. Although I do still want to run a Gambler some time.

Here’s my to does:

New radiator, shock and springs, or coil-overs, subframe bushings, front skid plate(half done), easily accessible tow hooks. And new subframe bushings.

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