Planning a ski season road trip

Hoping that BC/AB, Montana, and Utah get dumped on mid to late January this year! The order I’m looking at there is Revelstoke, Banff, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, and Solitude. That’s a solid 3 weeks of unrelenting skiing. I’m probably going to die and my Subaru will prove it’s snow game after I exit the US. Probably would not take the 5 as this map shows but it’s the general direction of the route.

I might just cut out the Canada section and do a round trip of home to Big Sky and back, hitting whatever has the best snow at particular times. That gives the most flexibility I would imagine. Although something about an even more epic road trip sounds fantastic to me.


Saving over 1000 miles is probably worth it. I wouldn’t really get to test out my snow tires on this route but it’d still be interesting up in Wyoming/Montana for sure. I’d probably do 5 days in Utah, 4 days in Jackson Hole, 5 days in Big Sky, another couple days in Utah, and then go home broken, broke, and satisfied. 

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