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Planning a summer project - kart project with the kids

So I’ve got it in my head to build a go kart with my kids as a summer project. Doing some basic research I’ve found two good sites for plans.


This one is a pretty basic design, and they have partnered with a retailer to sell all the ancillary parts up to and including engines. Should make a very straightforward build.

This one is more complex with a suspension, so it may be something we all enjoy longer. But it also means the build will take longer so I’m a bit worried my boys (9 years old) may lose interest before we get it running.


My intent is something fun I can do with my boys and try to get them interested in wrenching. It will also help teach all of us welding - my brother in law is experienced so we will build at his house. His kids are too young now, but the assumption is that my kids would use it for a few years then pass it on.

I’m sure some of you have experience in this area, appreciate comments or thoughts.

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