Oppomeet. I can reserve a big ol 100+ people place for fairly cheap. I would love to make this into a concourse style event, with prizes, awards, “catering” (there will be a grill) I would love love love to get as many people as possible to come to this. If your interested please leave a reply I’ll try and update the list as I go on. The event would be in Maryland, around Annapolis / Pasadena. I’m gonna try and make entry $20 or less for food, fun cans prizes. Time line is late august at the moment. But I can move it to a different time if need be.

People interested.

1: Ike


3: maximaspeed


5:will Byrd

6: supreme chancellor

7: axial



10: Mr2_FTW

11: thunderbolt

12 Partvi

13 a person

14 tdiguy

15 Mr FiSTer

16: life and times of magoo

17:chuck 02

18:jvirgs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ drives a Doge Dart


20:Chuck 2(O=[][]=O)2

Ofcourse plugs