In a few weeks I’ll be attending the New England Forest Rally (as I do every year) but this year I’m celebrating my new job by taking the entire week off to swing up through north Maine to explore prior to making my way down to the rally area.

Looking for some tips from all you more experienced overland campers. Things I may not have thought of to bring with us, general preparation, etc. We’ve got a mostly nailed down travel route, but if anyone has suggestions of areas in Maine to check out, good roads, interesting scenic things, let me know!

Surprisingly the majority of the roads are marked on google which is nice, but we’ll be using the Delorme gazetteer to get down to the nitty gritty if some roads turn out to be impassible & we have to detour. Definitely planning on checking out the b-52 bomber crash site on Elephant Mountain, and the Golden Road up to the Canadian border.

The route:


And for the car related content, the rigs that will be making the trip. Something new,


Something old,


Oh and i guess something else old too.