Planning what to do for christmas dinner.

Starting to plan what to make for christmas dinner this year.

Last year was:-

Roast turkey, (standard) 

boiled then roasted ham, having the ham really brought out the flavour of the turkey,


Yorkshire pudding, (standard) 

honey roast parsnips, (standard) 

roast potatoes, (standard) 

par boiled in orange juice chantanay carrots, then roasted (came out really nice, will do again)

carrot and swede mash, (standard)

bacon, made into a lattice and draped over the turkey, allowing the bacon fat to baste the turkey,


mashed potato, (standard) 

sage and onion stuffing and chestnut stuffing, (standard) 

pigs in blankets, (standard) 

plum and sloe gin cocktail sausages,

turkey gravy and (standard) 

cranberry and blueberry sauce (the blueberries added a lovely sweetness to the cranberries) 


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