Tonight, my 15 year old son and I head to Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. Toby will be joining us.

We are going skiing tomorrow, and then return early Sunday morning.


Yosemite is a little over an hour drive from here. Makes it hard not to go - especially now. The air has been clear from the storms and the Sierra Nevada range is beautiful over the valley. Monday I have a long drive to Temecula.

The hotel is dog friendly, so Toby can go. The forecast is in the 70s, so Sunchaser appears to be mandatory. You frozen Oppos would never forgive me otherwise.

I have some cool ideas that I hope will grow my work with the wine industry in Temecula. It is a really cool area, and the people are super nice. My main contact was disappointed that I quit drinking, so hopefully my legal expertise is appealing enough to offset my sobriety. 

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