Plasti-f*ckin'-dipped G Wagon. Not sure how I feel about it. Some Cornellians...

Many of these academically talented come from flat suburb/metro areas and just can-not deal with Collegetown being on a 40 degree slope in the winter. With that in mind the paint is probably a good idea.

I just thought the flat black was tacky (on new cars) since abouts '03 when a Sport Compact Car editor forced their writers to rattle-can a brand new Sti "because its badass." Probably the start of their downfall, right there.

On the bright side I also saw a black Mk4 Supra following a black 911 turbo up the lake.Never sure if the majority of what I see are the minority of Cornellians with good taste or the nice cars that regularly come from the uglier tri-state regions with less inspiring driving for holiday weekends... usually Cornell alum anyway.