Plastic to Brass Plumbing Fixture leaking

Oppo- installed a water softener while doing some other plumbing upgrades in the house. Everything else is water tight and sealed nicely other than where the plastic on the water softener connects to the brass fitting (its a sharkbite fitting to connect to the PEX). I tried making the following

  • No Tape, Hand tight + 1/4 Turn (lots of leaking)
  • No Tape, really torqued down until it wouldn’t go any further (still lots of leaking, filled a 2 gal bucket 2.5 times in a week)
  • Taped plastic threads, really torqued down (very little leaking, not enough to cover the bottom of the bucket.

While taping the threads worked better, i marred the plastic pretty good, it appears that there is some stripping of the plastic occurring and theres still a small leak. I bought replacements, but wanted to if i should tape/use pipe dope/etc to keep this from leaking. 

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