Got 2 speeding tickets this week, poor driving and poor luck I guess

First was cruising home from visiting my father 1.5hrs away.(long story short it was the second time doing that drive that day) had a chp whip across the highway for 79mph. My speedometer reads fast so I had figured a cruise closer to 75, but learned the hard way it is not.


Then on my way to work this morning (3:30am) entering the highway I pulled through 4th and 5th then braked as i entered the highway. Turned out there was a chp cruising along a ways before the entrance, he wrote a ticket for 75mph.

I deserve the tickets, and need to slow down this is 2 points on my license, at least $600 and my insurance is going to shit itself. Traffic school isn’t an option either since I took it this time last year and it takes 18 months before you can take it again. Went at least 20,000 miles this year but managed 2 tickets within just 200 of those. Interestingly this time last year I got pulled over numerous times(twice by the same cop), I wonder if theres something within the department about cracking down in spring?