Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes

During our Oppo Meet drive yesterday, we came across somebody doing something dumb (passing in a double yellow) while being followed by the police. Karmic justice was served immediately and I am sure the perpetrator regretted that decision. I do have some sympathy, that damn box truck was going slow as hell and could have just pulled over. Speed limit there is 55mph and we were probably doing 45 for a while. That is also a pretty safe spot to pass with the turn lane, straight road, and good sight distance. Plus who expects that pickup truck a couple cars back to be a cop? Still, its always dumb to pull stuff like that with other people around in any regard. I cant say I havent passed people there but to do so with a cop there and a bicyclist at risk, well you get what’s coming to you!


On a side note, I have no idea if the state park police actually have any jurisdiction there. They probably can’t write tickets but egregious shit like that happening right in front of them is surely going to at least get a talking to. But I could be wrong, they might have full police authority. I know most of that area is CHP territory but I am sure they work together when possible.

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