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Play the Abu Dhabi F1 drinking game!

I know there are a few Foruma 1 drinking games out there, but I thought I'd create something more up to date and less to do with catchphrases.

So, load up your beverage of choice (mine is a Sailor Jerry & Coke Zero), and take one sip every time:

  • Any car drives outside the lines in the final turn
  • Any time Hamilton complains about the car, his helmet, or another driver
  • Something on Webber's car fails
  • Someone from Caterham crashes into Marussia (or vice versa)
  • The camera lingers on Adrian Sutil's girlfriend just long enough to be awkward
  • Ted gets cut off by a Team Radio
  • Kimi says something rude over the radio

Feel free to add some other suggestions in the comments.


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