On the northern side of Lexington Kentucky you will find that it’s what some would call ‘rough’ or ‘sketchy’; laden with buy-here-pay-here lots, strip clubs that just from looking at the exteriors make you feel the need to be sanitized, a minor league baseball field, and a walmart that usually has some crazed woman belting out ‘hallelujah’ (don’t ask, and don’t stare or else she’ll put her voodoo on you).

But as I discovered last night, there is something of a friggin’ gem tucked away in those mean streets.

I’d been asked by a close friend to help out pouring drinks and serving at some kinda’ yearly party that occurs this time of year, and seeing I’ve been struggling with landing a job that wasn’t part of a scamartist temp company, I accepted the offer without batting an eye.


Pulling up to what appeared to be nothing more than a garage with abnormally tall privacy fences, a (what us millenials would say: hella clean{?}) 2012 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL65 AMG sitting offset by the garage made me scratch my head. Why the hell was it parked like that?

And then my friend and I pushed open the keypad’d privacy gate and my jaw was on the ground at what was around some meticulously manicured bushes:


Moments after this photo, my friend snapped their fingers and quipped “oh yeah I forgot to mention he has a pretty neato car collection.”

Neato indeed.

Instead of me drabbling on about bullshitting the high class party goers about my wine knowledge, I’ll just dump the photos and let you enjoy.


***Apologies for some of the rougher snapshots, wasn’t able to really get any photos taken until things began to wind down!


And finally, what only can be described best by Macho Man Randy Savage: the cream of the crop, the tippy top of the mountain:


SuperFormance Cobra MKIII Replica (built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc) 


It’d be pointless to post pictures of that without some sort of video, wouldn’t it?

Funny thing about this video is I’m heard saying ‘oh my god’ yet I sure as hell don’t recall saying it haha.