Before I begin, I'm a law-abiding cyclist and motorist.

What on Earth do people think these days provoking things like that (on both sides)?

It could be a reasonable possibility that the Audi driver simply didn't brake in time, he even moved over so cyclists could ride around him. Getting too close and unnecessarily shouting at his passenger which could have been his child or spouse would anger any rational thinking human being. Yes the Audi driver made a mistake, we all do from time to time. Thankfully he didn't run over any of the cyclists. And when he took off like that? I would too, I would feel threatened by the cyclist.

Do I think the punch was unnecessary? Of course.

But why have we gone so soft to assume that others will not resort violence as an answer to a problem?

To think anyone would allow him/herself to be verbally berated without retaliation is ignorant.


What does Oppo think? The FP is full of burner trolls.

Off the FP.