Back in March, I was looking at my investment account and had an extra $50 sitting there that was pretty useless, so I started rooting around for something to do with it. It then hit me, check out Tesla's stock price. It was $39.30 a share. I decided it would be an interesting experiment to see where it would go. Well, I wish I would've had $50K to spend on it, because the value of my one lousy share has more than doubled!

Was I a genius? Nah. It makes me wonder if the meteoric rise in Tesla's stock value is rational or irrational. Only time will tell. It wasn't long ago that Apple shares had hit over $700 and now they're down in the $400's.


Here's where it stands today. Down a bit, but with a market cap of $9.62B. I'm pretty sure that is worth more than the 20,000 cars they'll sell this year.