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I know some will freak out about poor cable management, but one of the SATA III cards is acting up and once that’s replaced I’ll clean things up a bit more. At that point I’ll be able to run 8 SSDs out of the rack in one of the 5.25" bays. At this point in limited to just 7 unless I want to drop the speed down to SATA II speeds.


I should probably put in the 1000 W power supply, but this one is doing fine.

I did reverse the fan on the CPU cooler to pull the air up through it and out the top of the case via the big-ass fan mounted up there. I ran a few stress tests, and this 3.5 GHz processor is running fine at 5 GHz.

I also repurposed an ancient SCSI case to hold the Blu-ray burner. It incorporates a USB3 bridge board, so now I can easily switch it between computers as necessary. It also does a great job of lifting the primary monitor to a position that’s easier on the neck. A 27" monitor replaced the old 22", and another 27" has been set up on the old i5 I use for watching TV via the Plex server in the living room.

The 8-core workstation finally has the FirePro W7000 video card installed, and the old GeForce whatever has been moved back to the Hackintosh along with the second power supply to drive it.


Tomorrow I’ll get the third monitor set up. It’s an old-school 4:3 20" unit that can be rotated to portrait mode, and is excellent for reading documents and magazines. I might even hook up the 42" unit if it works without needing a power cycle for a clear image.

I was disappointed, but not surprised, to find that the cheap Chinese 5-port HDMI switch didn’t work. You get what you pay for, and I didn’t pay much...

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