Testing my new camera/mic set up. Seems much improved. Although now I feel that I didn’t have the camera on the right mic setting. Having it on standard external rather than powered which my mic and camera support.

The mic cord runs from the gopro mic adapter along the “rain channels” of the hatch (across and down the tail light housings) into the hatch where the extra cable sits and then down, under the car. The mic itself, a stereo Sony lapel mic à la Doug DeMuro, sits in a windsock tucked under my bumper cover.

Ideally the adapter would be more secure, as well as the mic. Both were unsecured tonight but no issues. This was a temp test setup.


In the last photo, you can just make out the grey windsock tucked up under the bumper cover, quite close to the exhaust. I may move it next time, but first will try the “powered mic” route. I was getting a bit of wind noise still. Not surprising given the location of the mic.


What do others use for a setup?

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