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Playlist Suggestions - Need Müzakz - Updated

Update: Hoooo Boy! Slammed with suggestions! Thanks people!



I’ve been working intermittently in the garage over the last week, and will probably still be in there for another week.

I could use some playlist suggestions for tunes. I like a lot of music genres, not some much into newer Country, Blues, Jazz, or “screaming” metal.


But Rock, Punk, Speed Metal, Rap, Hip-Hop, most anything electronic, old Country, Classical, Remixes, Mashups, whatever else is often played.

This week I’ve listened to R&B, Club stuff, some Trance, Some Punk, 50's “rock”, Chillwave, Little Big, Die Antwoord, The Streets, some happy indie, some 70's rock, Caravan Palace.

Can be on Spotify, GooglePlay, Youtube, whatever. I’m starting to run a little thin on things my brain wants to hear right now.

Plop it in here and I’ll have a whirl. Can’t guarantee I’ll like it, but I’ll try it.


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